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Multiple Streams of Income!

So many individuals seek a path that will lead to their income matching their efforts and they turn to the insurance industry – the recession proof industry. Yet, all too often, after passing the licensing test they do not know where to begin this new journey. Getting friends and family can be tricky and is not sustainable production. I was the same way. Fortunately, I received some great training from one of the top life insurance companies in the US, and I set out to design a platform that removes the worry, uncertainty, lack of support and sometimes lower pay present in the industry.

As a Licensed Professional.

Your license is valuable. It opens up a world of opportunities, if you understand where to look. Now that is where Independent For Life Financial Services comes in. We have made, and will continue to make connections with major industries where your HIPAA compliant license brings you credibility and additional income.

Connections to Major GAs

  1. 100 + Top Rated & Financially Solid Carriers
  2. Dedicated Specialty Teams
  3. Streamlined On-Boarding Processes
  4. Residual Income Available

Merchant Services

  1. Immediate Income (6 Figure Potential)
  2. Residual Income
  3. A Top 10 Processor

7 More Streams of Income Right Now!

  1. Income Tax Preparation
  2. Worksite Benefits
  3. Estate Planning
  4. College Funding
  5. International Electricity Service
  6. 401k Rollovers
  7. Credit Repair

Immediate Access to Training in All Industries Targeted Marketing for Your Area Free Business Leads CRM Lead Management System w/App No need to become a captured agent. Be Independent For Life.

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Looking Forward To Building Your Success!

⭐ 20% of All Net Profits goes to A Phamly Education, Inc. a 501(c)3 Organization. Give Today.

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